Who Is
Skeety Johnson

“I went to hell and didn’t like the view”

As an artist, I take pride in my work and have carved out a reputation for elite level visuals in the tattoo world. My work is sought after by those looking for unique bodycraft and bespoke designs. If you’re looking for an assembly-line, quick-job, tattoo parlour…this ain’t it! I work with my clients to create one of a kind tattoo art that matches their style and vibe.
My road to where I am now hasn’t always been smooth. While I’ve pursued a lifestyle in the visual arts from a young age, I made an early mistake of trying to combine my industry apprenticeship with a life of excess and partying. Six years ago, my life span out of control, figuratively and literally. A car crash signaled my absolute bottom and was the wake-up call I needed to start taking life seriously. From then on, I have committed myself to what matter the most: my family and my art. I can’t change the past, but I can learn from it. Like I say; I went to hell and didn’t like the view.
Since then, I’ve grown as an artist and been recognized by my peers at award ceremonies and conventions across the world. Originally from Essex County, NJ, I moved to Florida to refine my artistry, as well as bringing in my own creativity learned from a decade’s dedicated work in areole art and graffiti. I bring that energy to my current style, specializing in realism, in black, grey and color. I don’t want to paint-by-numbers when it comes to tattoo art, which is why I always consult with my clients so my design matches their aspirations.

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